USITT 2022 - Baltimore

The History and Theory of Spatial Sound

USITT 2022 Conference featured a presentation on Spatial Sound led by longtime USITT member and Vice Commissioner for Sound, Brad Ward with participants Christopher Baine, Richard Bugg, Ianina Canalis, Duncan Crundwell, and Ralf Zuleeg.

The group quickly determined there was far too much to much information to present in the time alloted, so they decided to cover the history and theory of spatial sound in this session.

In this session, Brad gathered these heavy hitters in the field to cover this extremely pertinent topic which has been around since close to the beginning of time.

USITT 2023 in St. Louis, will have a special focus on spatial sound and will pick up this session left off with more informational sessions and live demos. In the meantime, reach out to Brad or any of these experts in spatial sound for help with your projects.