Time Stands Still

Bristol Riverside Theatre - 2018

In TIME STANDS STILL, we explore how the impact of war and terrorism can change lives forever. In this case, a car bomb has severely injured Sarah, and she returns home to recuperate in the Brooklyn loft she shares with her boyfriend, James who has also had a similar experience. Both characters struggle with physical and mental recovery from their trauma, and how their experiences have changed their relationship and each other. Can you really get back to "normal" or does normal change?

Through music and sounds, we were able to help tell this story and relate it to the bombs that sadly go off in our lives and the lives of those we love. As you listen to this sampling of music and sound, consider these questions: What do we value in our lives? Are we addicted to chaos and war? How can our places in the world change? How do we react to the terror? What does it mean to pick up and move forward? Should we reject the comfortable life and to try to make a difference for others? What’s the point?