The Methuselah Tree

Cockroach Theatre - Las Vegas, NN, Minnesota Fringe Festival, & Goldwell Open Air Museum - Rhyolite, NV - 2007

Brad received the Sound Design Award at World Stage Design 2009 in Seoul Korea for this design.

The world is transforming – beyond human understanding. In this absurdist dark comedy, we see Harris, a mad scientist attempting to save himself by creating a device to destroy the guilty souls of humans. In his quest, he deals with his wife who wants him to be a husband and father, a son who throws pots of pudding through windows and decapitates rodents, and a God/man figure living in the attic who dances behind a screen, watches the family from above, is strongly opposed to eating pudding, and occasionally pounds his gavel in judgment. By the end of the play, Harris has sacrificed son and wife to the cause, yet still hasn’t realized he cannot save himself.

Transformation was most important in the sound design as I described the world within Harris’ laboratory and the ever-evolving world outside. Proportion and dynamics were key … I was just as interested in the decay of a sand cast bell as in the climax of an earthquake or a bowl of pudding being thrown through a window. Silence was also crucial.