The Brooklyn Gaze – Erasure & Revelation/Lightpost
Brooklyn Public Library Grand Army Plaza - 2017

The Brooklyn Gaze was a series of projection mapped artworks commissioned by the Brooklyn Public Library. The first, Erasure and Revelation, transformed the facade of the library into an immersive, animated canvas and the library plaza into an inspiring environment sparking critical community dialogue on the most pressing issues of our time.  The second, Lightpost, once again transformed the iconic facade of the Library, and added audience-generated projections to the design.  Both editions of The Brooklyn Gaze featured massive animated texts by thinkers such as James Baldwin, Hannah Arendt, Martin Luther King Jr., Black Elk, W.E.B. Du Bois, and Sojourner Truth, texts that were partially erased, leaving provocative questions in their wake. The work amplified and electrified the thoughts of these diverse and essential thinkers. Immersive animations, accompanied by a sound design by Sun Hee and Brad, spurred a community dialogue on the themes of Justice, Truth, Humanity, and Love. By sharing the enduring eloquence of these great writers in public, and revealing the urgent questions hidden within their most famous writings, Erasure and Revelation activated this archive of wisdom, and Lightpost provided an opportunity for the community to publicly respond.





Client: Brooklyn Public Library Presents
Date: 2017