University of San Augustin
Guest Lecturer
Project Description

While in the Philippines, I was invited to be a guest lecturer at one of the country's leading Universities, The University of San Augustin in Iloilo City. USA was the first University in the Western Visayas region. My lecture was entitled "The Vocabulary of Sound".
That evening, I was honored to have a personal performance of imagine | a | nation, a series of one-act plays written by students and recent graduates of USA. These plays were based on stories of victims of typhoon Yolanda. I provided critique and participated in a brief discussion about sound design for the piece.
Many thanks to Eric Divinagracia, Artistic Director and Head of USA's Center for Culture and the Arts (above right) for being a gracious host and to Romeo
Dela Cruz, former Arts Commissioner for the Philippines for facilitating the day.

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